Advantages of the TD-150 BLE sensor
Fuel level sensor Escort TD-150 BLE
In addition to digital, frequency and analog output signals, BLE mode has been added to this sensor.
Has OExiallBT6X explosion protection certificate, CE and E-Mark certificate, Customs Union certificate, GOST-R certificate of conformity, Measuring instruments certificate.
Now it is possible to configure and receive data through a mobile application.
New housing.
An additional protective casing made of glass-filled polyamide provides an even greater degree of resistance to external mechanical influences and discrediting of the system.

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A time-tested sensor in a new housing with the ability to configure and transmit data using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology
«Escort TD-150 BLE» is a high-precision capacitive fuel level sensor (FLS), which is used to monitor fuel consumption, refueling, draining and theft on all types of vehicles, as well as stationary tanks.