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Proven ANGK experience of delivering customized solution for Multinationals and large business clients.


ANGK products, solutions and services for clients aim towards a green future - an important source of long-term competitive advantage.


ANGK prioritizes scalable cloud based solution for client's purpose driven growth thorough optimal resources, cost saving, efficiency and value creation.


ANGK enables best Talent and HR management solutions to customers, Better employee experience by prioritizing them as internal customers.


ANGK ensures quick scale up and optimization to meet the client dynamic needs and challenges in the fast changing environment.

Who We Are


As modern day developments are driven by digital solutions and services, economic growth and wealth generation will depend on value created by these solutions and services. through the pandemic, industries have embraced digitalization as a key source ensuring business continuity and scaling up growth. these industrial businesses, our customers need adaptable, fast, economically viable solutions to sustain and grow their core business, while letting experts to manage the operations and services.


Angk is powered by Industry leaders as consultants, managers and advisors with 100 man years of market and business experience to put forward the true value proposition to the industrial customer .Graduated from ivy league schools such as Berkley, Wharton, MIT and NTU and collating experiences from Enterprise , Banking, GLCs, Consulting, the team adheres to stringent quality control measures and brand positioning across all our delivery models.


Managed Services

Focussed around IT People, Process and Performance management, ANGK Managed Services cover administering and managing technology, information and data in a proactive, secure manner. MORE


Our consulting services focusses on taking away the resource intensive processes to enable our clients deliver their true value to their customer base. MORE


ANGK prodcut portfolio includes state of the art digital solutions for priority Indsutries like Healthcare, Fleet Management, Construction, Logistics, that keeps on getting stronger with time.


Digital Transformation is a key priority across the world. Availability of digital talent, quality and skillset at local level are biggest challenges that needs to be addressed to realize the full potential of digital growth. MORE

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